Regina2Hello everyone, my name is Teacher Regina. I would like to show you what our Global Visionary students will be capable of doing.

For younger students, we expect them to remember different vocabulary words and understand what is happening in the story. Now, Global Visionary students will not only be required to master those skills, but they will need to apply what they’ve learned from their readings into their own lives, analyze the readings to find different themes and topics, evaluate the readings to understand whether or not the author’s points actually make sense, and create their own opinions of the works. At the end, they will be able to create their own products to showcase everything that they have learned from these pieces of literature.

One of the types of the literature that we focus on in Global Visionary is popular modern novels that students may enjoy and be able to relate to on a personal level depending on their age. For example, Wonder teaches students about how to deal with differences and peer pressure; while Holes teaches students how to deal with challenges that they may encounter in everyday life.

However, it is not enough for students to only be reading modern, popular books. So, we also add classics that are beloved across the centuries. These are books that the United States continues to use in their curriculum despite how many years has passed since these books were first written. Now, compared to other novels, these books challenge students to think about abstract but provoking themes as they consider what their futures might be. These prepare students to become critical thinkers in the 21st century.

The last type of text that we also focus on is non-fiction. Now, these are expository texts that we expect students to be able to digest the information in a quick and efficient way while fully comprehending what they are reading.

With all three types of texts that we teach in our Global Visionary program, we are empowering our youth to envision a brighter future.

大家好,我是Regina老師!今天我想和大家分享凱斯青少年 Global Visionary (GV) 課程能讓學生培養哪些能力?對於年紀較小的學生,我們希望他們能夠記憶許多不同的字彙以及理解在故事中所發生的情節,但是對於GV 學生來說,不只需要精通這些技巧,同時他們需要懂得,如何從閱讀中學習運用在他們的日常生活中,分析這些內容去尋找不同的主題和話題,判斷讀本內容並了解作者的觀點是否合理,並對文本內容提出自己的見解。最後,學生們將能夠創作出自己的學習成效,來展示他們從這些文學作品中,學到的一切。

在我們的 GV 課程著重的其中一種文學作品類型是「暢銷現代小說」。這讓學生們能享受閱讀的樂趣,同時可以在生活中,依據他們的年齡產生個人的連結。舉例來說,“Wonder” 這本書想告訴學生,如何面對差異性和同儕壓力,而 “Holes” 這本書則啟發學生如何面對他們在日常生活中的挑戰。

然而,學生僅僅閱讀這些暢銷現代小說是不夠的!所以我們增加了深受各國喜愛的「經典文學作品」。這些書在美國至今仍然是課綱中使用的教材,儘管這些書已出版多年,到現在仍舊是膾炙人口的作品,與其他小說相比,這些書更能在學生面對未來時挑戰他們去思考抽象但發人省思的主題,這些課程將培養學生成為21 世紀的思辨家。


透過 GV 課程中的三種不同文體,我們正在賦能這些凱斯生力軍-蓄勢待發,勇闖未來!